In documentary style photography the options for your session are really endless.  If it’s a part of your life, we can document it!

It can be something as simple as your daily life and what it looks like to keep your home running: daily chores, a trip to the store as a family, night time wrestling matches, going for a walk, blowing bubbles in the back yard, bbq’s as a family or with friends, night time snuggles or morning kisses.



Or maybe it’s a special day you plan out to be different than all the others: a day at the zoo, ice skating, visiting the farmer’s market, going to the amusement park, a pool day, going to a fair or festival, girls night out, or guys night out (wouldn’t you love to know what they’re REALLY doing 😉 )



A holiday tradition session is a great way to preserve all those good feels: carving pumpkins, making gingerbread houses, haunted houses and corn mazes, canning, apple picking, pie making, family parties, coloring Easter eggs, making Valentines, decorating your house for any season


For you pregnant momma’s out there, let’s document you getting the nursery ready, or your babymoon getaway, the baby shower, announcing the pregnancy to dad or your friends/family, or shopping for maternity clothes.

Like I said, the options are endless and I would love to hear your ideas for a session.  The important thing is that whatever you want to document is something meaningful to you.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what matters are the interactions you’re having.

Every time I take a picture that captures a moment, I think, “man this is going to be so special in 20 years.”  That feeling you get when you open the shoebox of pictures that have been handed down to you and transport back in time, that’s what we want.  These pictures are for you, but they are also for your children and grand-children to come.

Do you have a fun idea for a session for your family?  Do you want to brainstorm with me because it sounds like so much fun?  Let’s get in touch and talk it out!