A documentary session might be right for you if:

  • You value preserving honest connections between the ones you love most
  •  You want to recognize your kids or significant others actual personality in photos
  • You find beauty in the everyday life you live
  • You want to remember your relationships and how you connect with others
  • You are looking for comfort and convenience of your own home or natural setting
  • It is stressful for your young children to sit through a traditional posed photo session



SO what are you waiting for?  It’s not uncommon to have some hesitations, this is non-traditional, after all.  Let me reassure you:

  • You aren’t boring! your everyday life is beautiful
  • Your house isn’t too dark, small, or messy (if you do your session in-home, which is a great place to do them), the love your family has will outshine any flaws you might feel your home possess
  • It won’t be weird to have someone taking pictures of you, you will forget about the camera in no-time, you’ll be too busy having fun as a family



What does this process look like?

Well, we would chat about your family first and talk about options for your session.  I would answer any questions you have.  You would fill out a couple of questions about the members of your family (personality, things you love about each other, some other details that give me insight).  I know, ugh, homework.  But this is actually a really enjoyable “exercise” to do as a family and it helps me really deliver meaningful images that capture WHO you really are as a unit and individually.  We will chat again about what activities you want to do during your photo shoot (a planning session) and this will give us an idea of how long we need the session to be.  Then we pick a date and we do the dang thing!