Hey, friends!  My name is Britney, I’m a momma to two beautiful girls who keep me entertained and joyful!  I’m married to an amazingly talented guy, named Brett, who works so hard for us.  And did I mention he’s like a freak-runner.  Google him, he’s impressive 😉 .  We have two pups, a crazy goldendoodle and a shih tzu.

Favorite things include brownies, photography, long walks, hiking, baking brownies, being a fan-girl to my hubbins, being organized (life doesn’t function without a check-list at my house), and eating brownies.  I think you get it. Brownies.

Our lives are full of adventure: traveling, exploring, and living life.  I’m on another journey to capture it all, to save every little bit of that adventure, and tell a story of our lives that we can always look back on and “travel” to that phase of our lives.  I have a passion for capturing what life really looks like and seeing it for the beauty it holds.  I’m living a life illuminated.  I hope you’ll join me.