Warning! You may explode from cuteness overload if you continue to scroll. Proceed at your own risk!

I don’t typically do babies in baskets, but I couldn’t help myself with these furry babies.  Newborn photography is hard y’all!  People who are good at it have a special talent and a high level of patience.  You never know what you’re going to get with newborns.  That’s why I love to shoot documentary style newborn sessions, it is way less stressful for everyone.  These puppies were no different, some were much easier than others, depending on their level of milk drunkness.  Mom was a little nervous (just like human moms are for a newborn session!) and wouldn’t let me keep her puppies for more than a minute or two.

These pups are two days old now and we are still getting to know them.  We decided it would be best to put collars on them so we can keep track of their individual progress more easily.  The three boys have the brown, green, and black collars, while the girls are white, yellow, red, purple, blue, and orange.

Goldendoodles are some of the best dogs, they are the sweetest family dogs and they don’t shed!  Which is amazing!  These pups are considered medium doodles, as they should be between 35-45lbs.  If you’d like to add a doodle to your family and have questions about these cuties, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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