I’m pleased to announce I’ve created a super special offer for all you amazing doulas.  As a women who was supported by a midwife and doula during my last birth, I know how important your presence is during that beautiful life-changing time.  As a birth photographer, I also know how demanding it is to be on call, to drop it all in a moment’s notice, and not know just how long it might be until you kiss your kids again.  It’s a sacrifice that not many outside of the birth world really understand.  I wanted to give you all an opportunity to preserve your own family memories in a beautiful, honest way.  If you aren’t familiar with documentary family films, I hope you’ll make your acquaintance by watching one!

These video sessions are so fun and easy. There’s no making kids sit still or stare at the camera for an hour, it’s playing and cuddling and being yourselves. And most importantly, it captures the beauty of your everyday lives. I take photos and videos that capture a slice of your lives, that celebrate connections, your family rituals, and who your children really are.

A major reason I do what I do is to show parents, (moms especially) how loved and important you are. How all the hard work day in and day out is creating this magical childhood for your children and it’s absolutely worth it. My hope is that the kids will be able to watch this film and relive these moments with their parents over and over through all the years of their lives, passing down their heritage to their own grandchildren one day.


I just come and hang out with you while you do normal things – stuff like playing in the backyard, snuggling on the sofa, jumping on the bed, sharing snacks on the deck or doing cartwheels on the lawn.

With the holiday’s coming up it would be a perfect opportunity to capture a holiday family tradition, that could be cookie decorating, putting up decorations, snowman building, picking out a Christmas tree or whatever is unique and special to you!

We will chat about your session beforehand to get you feeling comfortable and to figure out if there are certain “special” things from this phase of life you want me to try and immortalize.

For some brainstorming ideas click here.

To see some more family videos click here.

If you secure a Storytelling Session for your family for any time between now and December of 2018, you can enjoy a discount of $75 off your package choice.

See package options here.

This is a storytelling session to take place in your home, or at a location of your choice.

Want to go ahead and secure a session for your family? Contact me at 801-678-8357.

A $150 deposit is required to secure access to this offer. Your session must be secured during the months of November or December 2017 to take advantage of this offer.
To qualify, you must be within the areas I serve, Cache County, Davis County, Salt Lake County (areas outside of 40 minute drive from Layton will have an additional travel fee).

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