The sun is overflowing from behind the curtains. You rub the sand from your eyes and turn to see your toddler has snuck in to cuddle.  The bed is cozy and represents how you want your home to feel the rest of the day.  You hear a squeak from the baby’s room and slide out of the covers to rescue her from solidarity.  Climbing back in bed you wake your spouse who lovingly tosses his arm over the bunch of you.  The kids greet each other with soft touches and sweetest kisses.  The day is new. Final stretches are had as everyone rolls from that perfect space.

You smell breakfast.  The sizzle of eggs and the smell of coffee cake.  Dad makes the best special Sunday breakfast.  Tummies rumble and we gather together again.  Both kids are wanting you.  You put one on your hip and pull the other up and they both giggle with delight to be inside your arms at the same time.  Then a squeeze around the neck and a soft exhale of “mama… I love you.”

The moment is halted by a bark and paw to your leg.  They love you too, and they want to go for a morning stroll.

Do you ever have one of those days, a “perfect” day, where fun is in the air and as parents you aren’t royally screwing up every couple minutes?  I mean the kind of imperfect perfection that makes you consciously aware of how lucky you are to have your life.  To have the wild kids running around half naked with bedhead and food on their faces.  But it doesn’t matter because you’re outside in the sun and your spouse is making the kids giggle and you can hear, see, and feel the love in your family.  That’s what video sessions are all about.  It’s about eternalizing those moments so they can be looked back on and remind us of our love, especially on the days when we aren’t being our best self.  I think of video sessions as “Best Day” sessions, you get to be attentive to your kids, you put your phones away, you play, and do the things that make you happy as a family.

I think you should do a video session at least once a year.  Do you realize how quickly your family is changing?  I’m sure at times you are too aware of it, but then there are times when we don’t even notice things changing.  The sound of our baby’s voice turning to a toddler voice slowly over time.  The way your son has lost half his teeth and has only a few adult teeth coming in.  Even you are changing.  And I don’t mean wrinkles (unfortunately that happens too), but I mean you as a person.  When I was a first-time mom LOTS of things bothered me.  Loud noises, other kids who were sick, crumbs in my carpet with other people’s kids would come over.  But now I have two girls and loud noises are part of who we are.  Sick kids, I got em.  Food on the floor… umm “go ahead and eat it.”  My point is, I’m different, which mean I relate differently to my kids and my spouse and everyone I meet.  And I suspect I will continue to change as our family changes and our kids’ personalities develop.  Don’t you want to remember it all?  I wish so badly I had videos of me with my family when I was little.  Especially with my mom, she has multiple sclerosis now and her abilities have changed so much.  I remember riding bikes and jumping on the trampoline and camping trips, but I wish I could see and hear it.

These sessions might seem scary because people have a tendency to believe their lives are boring.  I’m here to assure you, they aren’t.  Those everyday moments are what our lives are built on and they are worth remembering!  So this year I hope you will try out a video session to immortalize those moments and the people you live them with.

For more information or to schedule an unscripted video session email me at or call or text 801-678-8357.  To see more of my videos click here

Your life is beautiful.  Let me capture the fleeting moments that make your life, well, yours.

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