Earlier this week my husband spoke to a large group of young adults. He talked about making small, though usually difficult, choices every day that will in the long run make you a better you.  In his speech he used his running career as an example of overcoming adversity time and time again to eventually meet his goals. I’m going to jump in and piggy back off that a bit here in this post.  Every single day we make small decisions that make us who we are, we aren’t always proud of those decisions, but hopefully for the most part we are.  When you do a family documentary session you get to step into someone else’s life for a tiny fraction of a moment, and get an intimate peek into who they are individually and as a unit.  Stephanie and Dane are great parents, the kind that play, and sing, and twirl with their girls.  The kind that might leave the laundry for another night so they can give their kids their full attention right now.  The kind that enjoy the journey.

Before our session Stephanie messaged me with a warning, “Oh, just a heads up, my house is tiny.  And full of DI furniture since we’re still students.  But I’m embracing it because this is the stage of life we’re in right now an that’s OK!”  I LOVE that she said that, she has a conscious awareness that this is a special time, it won’t always be like this, but it’s worth remembering it just as it is now.  Life isn’t pinterest perfect for most people, and thank the heavens, because how boring that would be!  Life moves quickly and things change, daily patterns shift as our kids have different needs.  We experience loss and gains that alter the way we live. And honestly, sometimes we are so caught up in living our day to day that we don’t even see it changing.  Until one day you stumble on an old iPhone video of your 14 year old when she was 18 months old and you play it over and over 100 times because you can’t believe that used to be your life.  You forgot something you never planned on forgetting.  That is the gift that documentary sessions give you, a timestamp, a keepsake, of those moments you swear you’ll never forget, but somehow with time new memories override the details.

I’m so glad I was able to get to share in a small piece of life with Stephanie and Dane’s family and hope you all enjoy a peek into the beautiful story they are making for themselves.

Woodward Family Film from Illuminate Life Photo|Films on Vimeo.


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