I’m a huge believer in printing your pictures, but I’ll be honest, I rarely change out pictures from inside frames.  I don’t know why, it’s a fairly simple thing to do.  But I struggle for whatever reason.  That’s why I LOVE my clothesline frame, lots of pictures can be displayed in one place and they are painless to swap out.  I’ve been wanting one for quite a while and anything I saw at a craft store was four times what I wanted to pay.  I decided to make my own frame.  I went to my neighborhood thrift shop and found a large frame, 27”x33”, for $8. It had a few dings, but it wasn’t something that bothered me.  You can always paint your frame too, but I like simple, so I left the dings.  I bought a small roll of twine and a package of mini clothespins at Michaels, for which I had a coupon, so my total was less than $5.  I already had some small screws on hand, but that’s one other thing you will want.

First you will want to remove the backing and the glass from your frame.

The inside space of my frame was 24”. I knew I wanted four rows so I did a row at the top and then measured every six inches after that. Marking the back of my frame with a pencil.

Then, put your small screws in.

After your screws are in take the end of your twine and tie it to one screw and then pull it across to the opposite screw.  You will want to cut about 2-3 inches past so you have enough twine to work with.  Tie the twine to the other side and cut any excess twine off.


Repeat with the remaining rows and add your clothespins.

Hang your frame. I used command strips for picture frames.

PRINT your pictures and enjoy them on the wall!


-A frame of your choosing

-Twine, ribbon, string, yarn {whatever you’re in to}

-Mini clothespins

-Small screws {or you might be able to hot glue your twine to the back of your frame, if you try it let me know how it goes!}

-Something for hanging your frame


I was excited that this project only took about 30 minutes, and that was with a toddler “helping!”  I lose interest in things quickly, simple projects are the only projects for me. If I can do you, so can you!

What are some of your favorite ways to display photos?



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