“The best camera is the camera you have with you.”-Unknown

For most of us the camera we have with us most often is our cell phones.  Luckily, with the quality of phones today, you really can take beautiful pictures.  Here are a couple tips that will quickly improve your snapping skills!

Turn your phone horizontally!  We see horizontally and it is more pleasing to the eye.  This simple move really can make your pictures seem more “professional,” before you even click the shutter.  Vertical isn’t off limits, but explore horizontal more often!

Move yourself.  We tend to start snapping away from wherever we are, but there are a few different movements we can make that will really effect the picture. Here are a few options:
Get down to your subject’s eye level.  This gives the feeling that you are part of the scene.


Shoot from low to clean up your background. I’ve shot many pictures laying on the ground, even in public!


Shoot from above to isolate information you want included in your photo.


Use negative space.  Sometimes less is more.


Frame your subject.  This is usually done but moving yourself until you find a way to use your environment as a frame.


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