For the past couple of months, I’ve been wanting to shoot a “day in the life” session for myself.  A session where you simply document a full day of your families’ activities.  It’s a nice time capsule for whatever season of life you’re in.  This means including yourself in the pictures, which isn’t something I’m great at doing.  It’s an extra step that creates more challenges, which is why it has taken me MONTHS to actually take this personal project on. I have to tell you though; I really love seeing these pictures. I hope to continue doing a day in the life once a month, so I can physically see how my family is growing and be able to have tangible evidence for my kids to look at.  (“See! I was there! It wasn’t just you and dad all the time.”)

Looking at these really helps me see how beautiful my life is.  Chaotic, messy, almost always make-up-less, imperfect, and yet beautiful.

Originally, I wanted to do the whole series as black and white, I really love black and white, especially for documentary work.  But there are some pictures that need to be in color, so I couldn’t bring myself to do the entire thing in black and white, even though the majority is.


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  1. Kathy Hales

    Awesome photos. I like your day-in-the Life photo journal.

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